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Settlement, Closure, For Murdered Union Official’s FamilyBy Irish Echo Staff
The Irish Echo – August 25, 2015

Attorney Brian O'Dwyer.

Attorney Brian O’Dwyer.

By Irish Echo Staff

New York City will pay $1.75 million to the family of Jim Bishop, a former painter’s union official who was murdered on May 17, 1990.

Brian O’Dwyer and Cody McCone of the law firm of O’Dwyer & Bernstien, LLP announced that the suit brought by the Bishop family against the City of New York had been settled for the amount of $1.75 million.

The suit, which was brought in 2006, alleged that two police officers, Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito, were assassins and spies for the Mafia while they were employed as detectives of more…

O'Dwyer & Bernstein, LLP
Senior Partner Brian O’Dwyer Meets the Press

Payments for Injuries to Workers Here Illegally

By Simon Akam
NY Times – June 18, 2009

Three illegal immigrants injured in construction accidents in New York were awarded settlements totaling $3.85 million in the past two weeks, lawyers said on Wednesday. more…

Undocumented Workers Awarded $3.85 Million in Accidents

From Mythili Rao

NEW YORK (CNN) — Two undocumented workers from Mexico and one from Ecuador have reached court settlements in recent weeks for a total of $3.85 million in damages for New York construction-site accidents, an attorney for the men announced Wednesday.

“All three cases involve construction and terribly unsafe working conditions,” the attorney, Brian O’Dwyer, said in a news conference. “We’re here today to re-emphasize — as we have in the past — to the Latino community and all undocumented workers that they have the same rights once they’re on the job as any New York citizen.” more…

Peace Reigns on This Parade

By Brian O’Dwyer
NY Daily News – March 17, 2008

‘Good riddance.’

Not long ago, that would have been the reaction from New York’s Catholic-dominated Irish community to the recent news that the Rev. Ian Paisley, head of the Protestant-dominated Democratic Unionist Party, was stepping down as first minister in Northern Ireland’s government. more…

How Two from N.Y. Aided Peace in Ireland

BY Colin Miner
NY Sun – April 12, 2007

It was raining in Belfast the Monday after St. Patrick’s Day, but the sun was about to shine on the peace process.

Traffic and weather had assured that Brian O’Dwyer, as close there is to royalty in Irish-American politics in New York, and Christine Quinn, the speaker of the City Council, were late arriving at the seat of government in Northern Ireland, Stormont.

There they were scheduled to meet two Protestant leaders, Jeffrey Donaldson and Peter Robinson of the Democratic Unionist Party. more…

More Troubles in Ireland?

By Brian O’Dwyer
NY Daily News – March 14th 2009

When an attack on a British Army barracks in Northern Ireland killed two soldiers this month, the most shocking – and encouraging – thing for those of us steeped in the troubled history of that part of the Irish nation is how surprising it was. more…

All Workers Have Rights

By Brian O’Dwyer and Joel Magallan
El Diaro (English Translation)

O’Dwyer is an attorney with the Manhattan firm of O’Dwyer and Bernstien, LLP. Magallan is the Executive Director of Asociación Tepeyac de Nueva York.

When a four story building collapsed in Brooklyn last month, attention was drawn again to how dangerous construction work is not only for residents, but for workers, many of whom are undocumented Latinos. more…

Tres Trabajadores Reciben Casi $4 Millones en Compensación

Carmen Alarcón/EDLP
El Diaro (Spanish) – 2009-06-18

Nueva York — Tres trabajadores indocumentados de la construcción recibirán $3,85 millones en compensación por accidentes laborales que sufrieron. mas…

Todos los Trabajadores Tienen Derechos

Brian O’Dwyer y Joel Magallan / lidera el bufete O’Dwyer & Bernstien, LLP.
El Diaro (Spanish)

Cuando un edificio de cuatro pisos se derrumbó en Brooklyn el mes pasado, la atención fue enfocada nuevamente sobre lo peligroso que es el trabajo de construcción no solo para la comunidad, pero tambien para los obreros, los cuales un sin número son hispanos indocumentados. mas…