Fighting for Workers for Over 100 Years

What sets O’Dwyer & Bernstien apart from other law firms?

Our legal team brings its broad experience to cases involving individual workers and labor unions, routinely practicing before agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board and Public Employment Relations Board.

Your case will be in the hands of a lawyer with the skills necessary to obtain the best possible result for you. Every member of our team has more than 15 years of experience in his or her area of focus. A partner will be in charge of your case, never pushing you off to a paralegal or inexperienced associate.

For over a century, we have been one of New York’s pre-eminent litigation firms, providing quality representation in the fields of personal injury, labor relations, employee benefits and administrative/ government law to thousands of clients in New York City.

While we achieve significant results for our clients, we maintain the feel of a high-quality "boutique" legal practice and carry on the beliefs of our founders Paul O'Dwyer, William O'Dwyer, and Oscar Bernstien.

At O'Dwyer & Bernstien, every case is handled by an attorney with over fifteen years of experience, not a paralegal. This approach has earned our clients over half a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements.

When an individual has been injured, we pay careful attention to detail throughout the lawsuit process to ensure the best possible outcomes. From the initial meeting to case investigation, collecting medical data and lawsuit negotiations we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Meet our Attorneys

We bring over 100 years of expertise to each client we serve and remain committed to providing a high-quality “boutique” practice while carrying on the beliefs of Paul O’Dwyer and the traditions of our other founders, William O’Dwyer — a former mayor of the city of New York — and Oscar Bernstien.

Areas of Expertise

Personal Injury

An injury has left you and your family seeking answers to critical question. Regarding your hospotal bills for your full recovery treatment

Labor & Employment

Protect your interests in labor and employment law, we possess the resources necessary to resolve the most complex issues

Construction Accidents

A construction accident can result in the loss of your health, career, and ability to do the activities you enjoy, we help laborers recover