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21-year-old bicyclist killed in a freak accident on Staten Island

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Authorities have identified a 21-year-old woman who was killed in what they describe as a “freak accident.” The sudden death of the woman has rocked her family and friends. She has been hailed as a “pillar of strength.”

The accident happened on Staten Island. The woman was killed when a fishing boat came off a trailer and struck her and a friend. The boat pinned the woman who was killed when it stopped. Her friend, a 22-year-old, suffered critical injuries. The two had been cycling on Hylan Blvd.

According to police, the trailer was not secured properly. However, there was no word on whether the SUV driver towing the boat and trailer would face criminal charges.

The deceased woman’s boyfriend was visiting his mother in Denver. He flew back as soon as he was notified of his girlfriend’s death. The woman’s older sister was supposed to meet up with the two bicyclists and other friends, but was late because of the delay caused by the accident.

When a loved one is lost in a freak accident that occurred because of someone’s negligence, the grief is compounded. The family wants answers. However, those answers are not always found. Not only can a wrongful death case help with the financial aspects of a loved one’s death, but it’s possible that additional information regarding the accident may provide what the family wants to know.

An attorney experienced in personal injury lawsuits can help those who have lost a loved one decide if a personal injury lawsuit is the right course of action. The lawsuit should be filed promptly, though, in order to ensure that it is within the statute of limitations for New York.

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