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Avoid these four things for a safer work experience

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Construction site accidents can happen for a multitude of reasons. Too often, they are the result of lax safety measures by companies, contractors and worksite managers or by poor safety training of workers.

While these individuals and entities are responsible for the safety of their workers, these workers can help ensure their safety by taking measures of their own. Four states of mind have been identified as leading causes for preventable worksite injuries:

— Complacency: When people are experienced at a job or have been doing it for a long time, they often develop a false sense of security that causes them to take their mind and/their eyes off the task at hand. Sometimes boredom can cause a worker’s mind to wander – – with potentially deadly results. Losing one’s balance or walking into the middle of a dangerous area can also be the result of complacency.

— Fatigue: We hear a lot about the dangers of commercial vehicle drivers who suffer from fatigue. However, it can be just as dangerous to those on a construction site — not just to the fatigued worker but to those around him or her. Fatigue can be a particular danger when workers are out in the heat. It’s essential that employees not work beyond their designated hours or to the point of exhaustion. Too often, sadly, it’s expected of them in order to meet unrealistic deadlines.

— Frustration: We all get frustrated and angry sometimes with the work tasks we’re required to do, with policies and procedures that may seem unreasonable with our bosses and co-workers. However, when you’re working in potentially dangerous situations, it’s essential not to let these frustrations distract you from your work or to let your emotions get the better of you.

— Rushing: Sometimes this is caused by tight timelines. Sometimes, people just want to finish early and go home. However, it can lead to skipping important safety steps.

Even if a workplace accident is caused in part by a worker falling victim to one of these states of mind, that doesn’t mean that his or her employer or boss doesn’t bear some responsibility. An experienced New York workplace injury attorney can provide important legal advice and guidance.

Source: Onsite Safety, “Four States of Mind that Cause Accidents,” accessed Dec. 09, 2016

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