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Beware the dangers of large warehouse stores

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Many consumers love to shop at big warehouse stores like Wal-Mart or Costco because they can save money by buying in bulk. However, some critics cite dangers in shopping in these large superstores, as often there can be hazards lurking in the aisles.

Last year, the popular chain Home Depot saw three shoppers die in just eight months at their stores. One elderly woman died when a forklift knocked a pallet off of a shelf. A heavy box fell onto the woman, killing her.

Only six months after that death, a 3-year-old girl was knocked down and crushed by a load of kitchen counter tops falling off of a forklift.

The third incident occurred last summer at a Danbury, Connecticut, Home Depot. A man died when a load of landscaping timbers fell on top of him as he shopped.

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club have seen their share of tragedies as well. A toddler died when a TV cabinet toppled over on her at a Virginia Beach, Virginia, Wal-Mart. At a Sam’s Club in Abilene, Texas, a boy, 3, was crushed by a falling bookcase in 1996.

Shoppers have the right to seek out compensation for any injuries that occur. If you get injured at a store here in New York, our firm can help you recover damages from your accident, including medical care, physical therapy and lost wages from time spent off work recuperating from your injuries. Our knowledgeable attorneys have skill and experience litigating cases in court, yet can still use their negotiating skills should settlement talks become productive.

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