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Construction worker killed by falling scaffolding plank

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When a construction worker is killed, the tragedy affects many other lives. This includes the victim’s family and friends, co-workers, witnesses, emergency crews and many others. Unfortunately, many construction accidents can be prevented by ensuring that all safety practices are followed at all times.

A construction worker at a work site in the West Village has died after being struck in the head by a scaffolding plank. The 32-year-old man had just clocked out and was exiting the site through an alleyway at the rear of the building. The man was struck in the head by a plank of wood that fell from the 10th floor of what will be a luxury condo. He was taken to Lenox Hill HealthPlex, but passed away about a half hour later from fatal neck and internal injuries.

According to officials, the workers tried to yell to warn the man, but it wasn’t in time. The worker was wearing a hardhat, but it simply wasn’t enough.

One day before the man was killed, a complaint was filed because there was “no permit in place for roofing, asbestos, exterior repairs and scaffolding.” The site has been closed in order to conduct an investigation.

An inspector with the city has already issued one violation for “failure to safeguard all persons and property during construction.” There are other violations that are still open, too, according to city records.

Workers’ compensation does provide for death benefits for the family and other compensation may be available due to New York City’s scaffolding laws. An experienced attorney can help determine your legal options when you are injured or a loved one is killed in a scaffolding injury.

Source: New York Daily News, “Construction worker fatally struck by falling scaffold plank just clocked out for the day,” Rocco Parascandola, John Annese and Thomas Tracy, April 22, 2016

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