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Crane collapse in Manhattan kills 1, injures 3

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One person is dead after a crane collapse in Manhattan, and three others are injured. The injuries are said to be serious, and emergency crews took them to local medical centers for treatment.

The incident happened on Friday, Feb. 5, as a snowstorm struck. To prevent any accidents in the storm, crews were trying to bring the crane down to safety. They could not do it in time, though, and the huge crane fell into the street. It reached nearly an entire city block, cutting through the nearest intersection, and it smashed the roofs of cars parked along the road.

One Wall Street worker was hit and killed by the crane as it fell. Debris scattered all around it, hitting three more people and causing injuries. This all happened as many people were heading into work, at about 8:25 a.m.

The incident was roughly 10 city blocks away from the World Trade Center, to the north.

One man who was already at work when it fell said that the impact sent a vibration that could be felt even inside the nearby office building. He looked out to see what had happened and spotted at least one person lying in the street, not moving at all. He also saw another person who had been trapped in his or her car, and people around the car were working frantically to get the trapped individual out.

As this story shows, construction accidents can be dangerous not just for workers, but for anyone in the area. If you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one, make sure you know what rights you have to compensation.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Manhattan crane collapse leaves 1 dead, 3 seriously hurt,” Associated Press, Feb. 05, 2016

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