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Distracted driving should be actively avoided

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There is really no excuse for dangerous behaviors that lead to harm to others as well as self. Yet, millions of drivers do that daily by engaging in conduct that leads to distracted driving, as distracted driving is one of the causes of deadly crashes.

Conduct that results in distracted driving takes many forms. For adults, one of the most common things is using a cellphone while driving. Some people are so attached to talking on their cellphones that they forget the dangers of doing so while driving.

Simply put, driving requires both hands. If casually cruising through a neighborhood at a slow speed may seem to be doable one-handed, consider what could happen. A small child without discernment about going onto roads could run in front of your car. They might be chasing a toy or a tricycle that has rolled out into the road. When they do, you will need to react very quickly to avoid hitting them and ending their life. That takes both hands, since dropping your cellphone and steering away from the child might not be possible, leading to a tragic, preventable fatality.

Talking on a cell phone isn’t the only kind of conduct that cause distracted driving. Texting, particularly common among teens and young adults, is also very distracting. When you’re focused on texting, you are not focused on the road.

Researchers are looking into additional causes of distracted driving so they can advise people to avoid those too. While they do, the best advice for all drivers is advice that has existed since the days of horses and carriages — keep your eyes on the road. Otherwise you may be liable for the other parties’ injuries in a civil suit.

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