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E-cigarettes can be dangerous

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From time to time, new trends pop up in the form of products that claim to be better, healthier or safer than the products they’re intended to replace. However, sometimes the new products turn out to be as problematic as the old products. One example of that proving to be true is electronic cigarettes. Anyone considering the using them proceed with caution.

Popularly known as e-cigarettes, the little devices are intended to simulate the effects of smoking regular cigarettes. However, doctors in Seattle, Washington, say that they have been seeing reports of injuries coming in from around the country. In specific, the e-cigarettes have been exploding in the mouths and hands of those who have bought them.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 13 percent of adults have used an e-cigarette one or more times. They may have bought it due to claims that e-cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes. However, the e-cigarettes have been very unsafe for many. Due to their lithium batteries, they have been overheating and exploding. A surveillance video even showed one in flames in a man’s pocket.

Harborview Medical Center has been seeing a patient each month suffering from injuries from e-cigarettes. Those injuries can include permanent scarring, burns and loss of teeth. Some of the patients suffering such injuries have needed multiple operations. Some of them have needed ventilators.

A Harborview Medical Center doctor said that the incidents have been becoming more common. She said the injuries they’ve been seeing are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have been injured by one, get all needed medical treatment and consider your legal options. If you have been injured by one, get all needed medical treatment and consider your legal options.

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