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Making construction sites safer

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Some people take workplace safety for granted until an accident happens. They presume that everyone else has done their job in making sure that everything is safe. Those presumptions are often wrong. In fact, many safety precautions aren’t taken because those in charge didn’t feel like investing the time and money needed to keep their workers safe. This is evidenced by a federal report that affirms that many accidents are “completely avoidable”.

The result of that is injuries, fatalities and legal actions that cost more than taking the safety precautions in the first place ever would have. For all those reasons, everyone involved at construction sites needs to redouble his or her focus on safety. One way to do that is to train all workers, including supervisors, in the adherence of safety first.

This includes carefully checking work sites for potential hazards and checking equipment to make sure that it works properly. If either of those is skipped, accidents can follow. Additionally, be sure to not rush through inspections or do them “just for show”. The lives of everyone around are at stake.

Since many construction workers work with potentially dangerous tools and materials, gear like protective clothing and helmets should always be worn and secured for maximum protective effect. Sometimes, workers feel so rushed by their bosses that they don’t take the time needed to check everything as they need to. Bosses need to take responsibility for this and be sure to accord sufficient time to safety checks. If they fail to, they can be legally liable for accidents.

Construction, like all fields, is competitive and that tempts people to cut corners. However, by not cutting corners with safety issues, construction companies can protect their workers and avoid expensive lawsuits.

Jason Fuiman

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