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Manhattan crane death case sets record

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When people get hurt in an accident, the first priority is making sure that everyone’s injuries are addressed. This may require medical attention at the scene and subsequent care at a local hospital. Once that is taken care of, legal action often follows. That can take a long time. In a Manhattan case, the injuries suffered by two men resulted in their deaths.

The trial for the case is only wrapping up now despite the fact that the accident happened in 2008. The two men were killed in a crane collapse at a work site by E. 91st St. The families of the men filed suit against the owners and operators of the crane.

The families claimed that the head of the crane company valued profit over safety, according to a statement made by their lawyer to jurors in the wrongful death case. Their lawyer contended that the head of the company had been in a rush to get the construction job. Because of that, he is alleged to have gotten the cheapest fix that he could on a key part of one of the rigs.

It was contended in the case that the cheap fix was insufficient, left the rig in an unsafe condition and led to the wrongful deaths of the two men. Those two men, ages 27 and 30, were alleged to have died as a result of that decision about repairing the rig.

The head of of the company managed to beat a criminal rap against him in regard to the issue, but lawyers for the families in this case argued that holding him civilly responsible is valid and necessary. They are seeking $40 million. This case shows how critical it is for companies to maintain the highest standards of workplace safety, first for their workers, and second to avoid lawsuits.

Source: New York Daily News, “Trial over 2008 crane collapse that killed two men nears conclusion; is now longest trial in Manhattan Supreme Court history,” Leo Vartorella and Dareh Gregorian, July 21, 2015

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