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How often do ladder falls lead to fatal accidents on job sites?

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Ladders are used on all kinds of work sites, by everyone from office staff members to construction crews. They are viewed as a common part of work situations. Yet, a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that falls from ladders are also common. The study was published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

How many falls involve ladders?

It says that in the last decade, a stunning 43 percent of fatal falls have involved a ladder. Among workers in general, about 20 percent of injuries from falls involved ladders. Among construction workers, specifically, about 81 percent of injuries from falls that required hospital emergency room treatment involved a ladder.

How many ladder fall injuries and fatalities have there been?

There were 113 fatalities from work-related ladder fall injuries, or LFIs, in 2011. The total of nonfatal ladder fall injuries in workplaces that year was an estimated 15,460. According to researchers, these figures show that LFIs are a major type of preventable injuries for workers.

What demographic factors are involved in LFI statistics?

The highest rates of LFIs were among men and Hispanics. Additionally, LFI rates increase with age, with the exception of those treated in hospital emergency rooms. Self-employed workers had higher rates than workers who received salaries or wages.

Which industries have the highest rates of LFIs?

Construction companies had higher rates than any other industry. Mining companies, along with installation, maintenance, and repair companies, also have high rates.

This information shows conclusively that both fatal and nonfatal injuries from ladder falls are a serious danger in workplaces. For that reason, all workers are encouraged to exercise care and caution when working with ladders, and to get proper care and advice if they fall off of a ladder.

Source: EHS Today, “CDC: There’s Nothing ‘Easy’ About Falling Off a Ladder,” Sandy Smith, accessed Aug. 12, 2015

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