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Procter & Gamble faces multiple lawsuits related to Tide Pods

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The average U.S. consumer likely believes that the products that line the shelves of his or her local grocery store are safe and have been tested and gained the Food and Drug Administration’s seal of approval. While consumer product companies often spend millions of dollars in research and development, some may cut corners when it comes to safety.

Doing laundry is something that every American household has in common and, until recently, there had been relatively few advances in laundry detergent products. That is until 2012 when consumer product giant Procter & Gamble introduced Tide Pods, a new laundry detergent product under its well known Tide brand name.

The brightly colored round Pods look fun and appealing, so much so that many children mistook the detergent Pods for candy. According to a report in the journal Pediatrics, during 2012 and 2013, Tide Pods were responsible for sending “an average of one child a day to hospitals.”

Currently, three separate product liability lawsuits have been filed against P&G in relation to injuries suffered by individuals, mostly children, who mistook the colorful Pods for candy or toys. One lawsuit was filed by the widow of a man with reduced cognitive functioning who ended up dying from injuries he suffered after ingesting the detergent-filled product.

Another lawsuit was filed by the parents of 13 young children all who suffered painful and serious injuries after easily opening the packaging that contained the colorful Pods. After receiving reports of more than 17,000 Pod-related injuries, P&G finally took steps to improve the product’s packaging in hopes of preventing children from accidently ingesting the Pods.

New York City residents who have been injured or who have had a loved one injured due to a defective or dangerous product may choose to discuss their case with an attorney who can help determine if legal action is appropriate.

Source: WCPO-TV, “Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) fights three product liability lawsuits over Tide Pods,” Dan Monk, April 7, 2015

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