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Serious injury can occur from a car accident

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Car accidents are often caused when a driver is distracted or is simply being reckless and neglectful. It can happen without any warning at all. One minute you are at a stop light and the next, a vehicle has plowed into you and you are injured, sometimes quite seriously. This type of crash can result in a long rehabilitation process that may take months and even years to make right. Sometimes, you are hurt and there is no going back to what you were before the accident.

Have you or a loved one suffered serious injury because of someone’s aggressive and negligent driving? You may want to call in the attorney team of O’Dwyer & Bernstien, LLP. We have the experience and knowledge of the laws of the state of New York to help you get recompensed for your loss.

There are many different injuries that can occur. Traumatic brain injury, whiplash, broken bones and spinal cord injuries are just a few of the types of injuries that you can receive from a crash. You will need to have your medical bills paid for and they are usually very high. Your car needs to be fixed or replaced and your lost wages need to be replaced. We will do the hard work of talking to the insurance company on your behalf while you do the difficult task of healing.

Getting us involved early can make a big difference. The person who hit you may not have had insurance, however, you have no-fault insurance and this is where you can be paid from. Your insurance will cover this, but there is a deadline so be sure to contact us right away. We will fight for what is rightfully yours, either with the insurance company or in court, if necessary.

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