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Trips and slips on construction sites can cause serious injury

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Construction sites are filled with a multitude of hazards, including uneven surfaces, holes, debris and moisture that can cause workers to trip, slip or fall. Many people consider these simply among the expected hazards of the job. They often don’t report a tripping or slipping injury because they’re embarrassed or they blame themselves for it.

Thousands of these falls occur every year on construction sites. Many can be prevented simply by those in charge of the work site removing hazards, placing appropriate cautionary signage or barriers around the hazards and/or improving lighting. Often, construction site workers are carrying large items that can make it difficult to see the ground in front of them. Therefore, keeping it as clear as possible is essential.

Employers, property owners or and or contractors who fail to take proper precautions to prevent trips and slips can be held responsible for their negligence. Further, workers who suffer injuries from these falls may be entitled to workers’ compensation. In fact, these falls are the main cause of workers’ comp claims.

However, injured workers also may have grounds for a lawsuit to help recover full compensation for medical treatment, lost wages and other damages like pain and suffering. At O’Dwyer & Bernstien, LLP, we help workers who have suffered all manner of injuries on New York work sites, including trip- or slip-and-fall injuries.

If you are injured in a fall on a construction site, it’s important to assemble as much evidence as possible. This includes things like:

— Photos or video of the hazardous situation

— The hazard that caused the fall

— The footwear and clothing you were wearing at the time (in the condition it was in when you had the accident)

We provide free initial consultations to people who have been injured on the job. Our attorneys can discuss your legal options with you and work to get you the benefits you deserve.

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