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New York property owners expected to comply with pool regulations

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It is officially the time of year when the weather gets hot and New Yorkers look for ways to beat the heat. For many people, this means heading to a pool to cool off. However, a visit to the swimming pool can turn tragic in the event of an accident.

Drownings and other accidents at a pool, hot tub or spa can and do happen when property owners fail to maintain safe premises. This is why there are strict regulations in place with which property owners are expected to comply. Those who cut corners or ignore their responsibility to maintain safe conditions in and around a pool can be held accountable in the event of an accident.

For instance, all pools must be surrounded by a barrier that is at least 4 feet high. There cannot be a gap larger than 2 inches between the ground and the bottom of the barrier. If there is a gate in the barrier, it must open away from the pool and be self-closing.

Pools must also have alarms in place. These alarms must be capable of detecting when and if a child enters the pool. If this happens, the alarm must have an audible alert. However, an alarm may not be required in pools if they have a safety cover that operates automatically.

Additional requirements are in place to prevent accidents caused by entrapment. Suction outlets, vacuum cleaners, circulation systems, valves and pumps must be installed properly and in accordance with state regulations. Failure to do this could result in serious injuries and entrapment accidents that could be fatal.

There are numerous other aspects of building and maintaining a swimming pool that many people may not know about unless they own their own pool. This is why it can be crucial to consult an attorney if you or a loved one has suffered a pool-related injury. An attorney who is familiar with premises liability claims in New York can examine your case and help you understand your legal options.

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