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O’Dwyer & Bernstien, LLP, brings its broad experience to all phases of Union-side Labor Law. We routinely practice before agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board and Public Employment Relations Board in representational and unfair labor practice (or improper practice) matters.

We regularly counsel our clients on strategies to support their organizing goals through various models of top-down and grassroots organizing, including picketing, area standards publicity, hand billing, corporate campaigns, and reserve gate issues.

Our attorneys have a wealth of knowledge in the law of secondary activity under the National Labor Relations Act, and we regularly counsel our clients on multifaceted approaches to organizing. Our attorneys are well-prepared to prosecute or defend any unfair labor practice charges.

In addition to decades-long experience in federal and state Labor agency work, our attorneys have comparably deep experience in all aspects of Labor litigation, including claims under LMRA Section 301 (breach of contract and duty of fair representation claims), Section 303 (unlawful secondary activity), the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (especially Section 401 claims), and injunctions under applicable federal and state laws.

For established labor/management relationships, our attorneys are also experienced and proficient in representing unions in contract administration, including grievance and interest arbitration proceedings, and the related actions to compel arbitration (including injunctions) in the confirmation of arbitration awards.

O’Dwyer & Bernstien, LLP, provides the full range of support our clients require. Our services extend to record-keeping, governmental compliance, union governance under the LMRDA, and internal personnel matters.

In addition to our strong support for our union clients’ current leadership, we are also committed to training and education for the next generation of labor leaders. Our attorneys regularly speak at meetings of key labor and business principals, participate in shop steward training sessions, and contribute articles of interest and education to our clients’ membership publications.

We value every client and endeavor to build close long-lasting personal relationships. After 100 years, we've served some of our NY clients for 30 years or more. This doesn't happen without commitment, understanding, and success. This commitment is what we bring to each client, old or new.