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Your employer or another party could be responsible for your injuries if either required you to use the wrong type of ladder and you sustained serious injuries as a result.

Were You Injured In A Ladder Accident?

Working with a ladder is just part of the job in many construction industry occupations. However, it can also be dangerous and cause serious injury or death due to improper use, training, supervision, or several other reasons.

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New York law requires employers and third parties responsible for a job site to use specific types of ladders and scaffolds to provide employees with the safest possible working environment. This means that the employer and general contractor must provide the right type of ladder for the situation. For example, you shouldn’t have to use an A-frame ladder when an extension ladder would be more appropriate.

It’s also the responsibility of the employer or general contractor to make sure that every ladder on a job site receives regular maintenance and timely repairs.

Unfortunately, some workers feel pressured to use a defective ladder under the threat of termination or other actions by their employer. They feel they have no choice but to risk their safety because they need the money to support themselves and their families.

Even when you receive the right type of ladder to use on the job, it’s essential that your superiors set it up properly to avoid a serious ladder accident. That means stabilizing the ladder on level ground and not immediately adjacent to anything that could cause an accident such as a power line.

If these things don’t occur and you become a ladder accident victim instead, you have the legal right to work with an NYC ladder accident lawyer to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. Several labor laws protect New York City workers from the consequences of negligence by an employer, general contractor, or another party. Federal laws also apply to work sites that require employees to use ladders to complete their job responsibilities. OSHA, for example, requires ladders to meet specific height, placement, the width of rung size, and several other criteria. Companies that take chances with worker safety could find themselves facing a large OSHA fine in addition to lawsuits resulting from ladder accidents.

Ladder Accident Injury Statistics

In addition to setting federal standards for workplace safety, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration(OSHA) keeps detailed records of on-the-job injuries and fatalities. Recent information published by OSHA indicates that falls from heights make up the largest category of workplace accidents. This is especially prevalent among construction workers who fell off a ladder. In a typical year, 24,000 construction workers across the United States sustain a serious injury as a result of a ladder accident and 36 die. The information contained in OSHA’s report highlights non-compliance with its standards as the primary reason for ladder accidents on construction sites.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that fatal falls in the workplace reached a 26-year high in 2017.

It also reports the following statistics regarding ladder and staircase accidents in the workplace:

  • 66 percent of injured workers had not received training on how to properly inspect a ladder before using it.
  • 61 percent of ladders involved in an accident had not been secured properly at the top.
  • 53 percent of ladders classified as not self-supporting had not been braced or secured at the bottom.
  • 53 percent of ladders involved in an accident broke while in use.
  • 42 percent of injuries occurred while the worker was on the ladder.
  • 39 percent of ladders involved in an accident had not been extended more than three feet above landing level.
  • 19 percent of ladders that caused an accident had one or more serious defects.
  • 4 percent of ladders in serious accidents didn’t have uniform spacing between the steps.

Sadly, these statistics tell a story of severe negligence by either a supervisor, manufacturer, or another party responsible for keeping workers safe. This type of accident is specific enough that not every personal injury attorney will understand how to research it and procure the best settlement for clients.

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