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Heavy machinery on the job site comes with a significant risk to any New York worker who spends a fair amount of time operating machinery. If you were injured and it's related to the use of heavy machinery on the job site, you might be entitled to compensation.

A machine or piece of equipment can make it possible to do a specific job, but it can also make it possible to suffer serious injury and death if not designed, manufactured or handled when appropriate safety precaution is in place.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of a machinery accident, it is in your best interest to be informed. This means knowing your rights and having an attorney on your side who will advise you of your options and fight for every dollar of compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Was Your Injury Preventable?

At O’Dwyer & Bernstien, LLP, we have extensive experience pursuing compensation in machinery accident claims in New York City. The first thing we will examine is whether your injury could have been prevented by standard safety equipment. For example, guards are often removed from hand-operated saws in order to save time and increase production. We have also seen buggies and containers with improperly maintained wheels that can lock up and cause accidents. Similarly shoddy temporary ramps and safety railings have resulted in far too many injuries when they collapse and people fall.

These preventable injuries are unacceptable and often violate applicable regulations. The negligent parties who are responsible need to be held accountable.

Maximizing Compensation

Whether your injury involves large machinery, such as a cement mixer, or you were injured using a hand-operated tool, we will make sure you and your family get the resources you need.

For over 100 years, O'Dwyer & Bernstien has experience litigating heavy machinery accident claims in New York. We know how to navigate the individual difficulties presented by each case effectively.